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So, here’s my second ever blog…
I announced earlier this week that the business I will be launching next year, studyactiv, will be setting up fitness boot camps aimed at students. Being a student myself, I am keen to promote healthy living as it’s something I am passionate about. 
I don’t have any qualifications myself, so I am going to be outsourcing the personal trainers to come and run the sessions for me. I am hoping to get a mix of newly qualified students and experienced trainers to take the sessions. 
Now I am really trying to focus on Social Media to create a big brand. We’re going to be a fun and exciting brand and if anyone would be willing to help in any way that would be amazing! Even just let us know what you would like to see posted and on our website! 
We’ve started a Facebook advertising campaign, so that is bringing in a few ‘likes’ and we’ve just started on Twitter. Studyactiv blogs will get started soon, as well as many other sites. 
What do you want? Fitness advice? Nutrition advice?
Let us know! Please follow and like on the following accounts. If you could share and get people on board too, that would be great.
Twitter: @Studyactiv
Thanks for reading.


Decided I would write my first ever blog post for a couple of reasons. One, is the fact that I can write vainly about myself, and the other is that It will hopefully help me build a brand which can only benefit myself and my business!

So, for anyone that doesn’t know me, I am currently studying at the Peter Jones Enterprise academy in Manchester. I’ve travelled all the way from Shetland (Very north of Scotland) to study here. The main reason is, I don’t think University is for me and I want to get started in business. One part of the course is to start up your own business.

On to the business. I am the founder of studyactiv. Check out my site here:! Sign-up and you will be officially invited to a launch party next year! You will get more details nearer the time. I have also started to try and build the brand on Facebook ( I don’t have many fans just now so please like everything and share it! Let’s get it built up.

For now, I am keeping quite about what the business is, but more details will be posted in the near future.

I am pitching for investment on Wednesday. Well that’s what the event is called, however, I am going to be pitching for mentorship and business contacts. So for now, I am working on creating my presentation and ideas on how to capture the panels attention! Any ideas? Give me a shout.

Anyway, that will do for just now. Let me know what you want me to write about next time. Anything! 



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