Decided I would write my first ever blog post for a couple of reasons. One, is the fact that I can write vainly about myself, and the other is that It will hopefully help me build a brand which can only benefit myself and my business!

So, for anyone that doesn’t know me, I am currently studying at the Peter Jones Enterprise academy in Manchester. I’ve travelled all the way from Shetland (Very north of Scotland) to study here. The main reason is, I don’t think University is for me and I want to get started in business. One part of the course is to start up your own business.

On to the business. I am the founder of studyactiv. Check out my site here:! Sign-up and you will be officially invited to a launch party next year! You will get more details nearer the time. I have also started to try and build the brand on Facebook ( I don’t have many fans just now so please like everything and share it! Let’s get it built up.

For now, I am keeping quite about what the business is, but more details will be posted in the near future.

I am pitching for investment on Wednesday. Well that’s what the event is called, however, I am going to be pitching for mentorship and business contacts. So for now, I am working on creating my presentation and ideas on how to capture the panels attention! Any ideas? Give me a shout.

Anyway, that will do for just now. Let me know what you want me to write about next time. Anything! 



Oh, and follow me on Twitter: xGav8




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