Business – Studyactiv

So, here’s my second ever blog…
I announced earlier this week that the business I will be launching next year, studyactiv, will be setting up fitness boot camps aimed at students. Being a student myself, I am keen to promote healthy living as it’s something I am passionate about. 
I don’t have any qualifications myself, so I am going to be outsourcing the personal trainers to come and run the sessions for me. I am hoping to get a mix of newly qualified students and experienced trainers to take the sessions. 
Now I am really trying to focus on Social Media to create a big brand. We’re going to be a fun and exciting brand and if anyone would be willing to help in any way that would be amazing! Even just let us know what you would like to see posted and on our website! 
We’ve started a Facebook advertising campaign, so that is bringing in a few ‘likes’ and we’ve just started on Twitter. Studyactiv blogs will get started soon, as well as many other sites. 
What do you want? Fitness advice? Nutrition advice?
Let us know! Please follow and like on the following accounts. If you could share and get people on board too, that would be great.
Twitter: @Studyactiv
Thanks for reading.


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